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Business Services

Our firm is equipped to handle all of your business's legal needs.  From entity formation and selection to business succsession, we can guide you through the life of your business and its needs.

Business Formation and Entity Selection

Whether you are a new business trying to select the proper entity or an existing business figuring out whether converting to a new business entity is appropriate, we can help you work through the legal ramifications of those choices.  We work in conjunction with your other professional advisers to select the right entity for your business.

For many businesses the legal advantages and protection of incorporating are worth the costs associated with that incorporation.  And many times those costs aren't as high as many people think.  Most of our incorporations are handled on a flat rate basis so that you and your business know the costs associated before the process begins.  Ultimately, our goal is to continue to work with you and your business until the time to work on your succession plan.

Business Succession

Have you been looking forward to the day you can retire, perhaps turn your business over to a son or daughter, or sell it?  Even if you are not planning to stop working, you need to plan for the day you cannot run your business due to unforeseen illness or death.  Most business owners do not take the time to plan for how they will leave their business.  They are busy running the company, or they don't know where to start.  But if you continue to own a business until you die, it will be included in your estate and could be subject to substantial estate taxes.  Your family could be forced to sell the business or its assets at 'fire sale' prices.  Then you will have worked hard all these years so that the vultures and Uncle Sam, not your family, will reap the benefits.

Planning for how you will exit from your business should be an integral part of your estate and retirement planning. Proper planning now can provide you with retirement income, reduced income and estate taxes, and even let you benefit a charity if you so choose, regardless of whether you transfer your business to family members at discounted values, to employees, or to an outside buyer.  In today's market, the economy and trends are affecting the timing and value of business transfers.

Planning now to exit your company will result in you and your family receiving the best possible results, both now and after your retirement, disability or death.  You can receive retirement income; you can transfer your business to your family, your employees or an outside buyer; you can make a difference for a charity or your community; and you can do all of this with reduced income, gift and estate taxes.

General Legal Advice

In between the formation planning and the succession planning, our firm is here to provide the general legal advice your business needs.  Whether it's drafting an employee handbook, dealing with employee disputes, reviewing contracts or any other general business law needs, we're here to help you out.