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As part of our effort to protect you and your family, we assist clients with domestic relations issues, including divorce, child support and custody.  Whether it's a simple uncontested divorce, modification of child support or custody orders or a proceeding that promises to get contentious, our firm is equipped to handle your needs and protect your assets to the greatest extent possible.

Uncontested Divorce

Our office is equipped to quickly and efficiently handle your uncontested divorce.  Most divorces can be finalized within two to three months of filing.  And, so long as both you and your spouse have already agreed to the division of your property and debts, the process is simple.  We can even assist in helping you to iron out and remaining differences that need to be worked out.  Many of our uncontested divorce cases can be handled on a flat rate basis.

Contested Divorce

Whether you have recently been served with divorce papers or are considering filing for divorce, our office can be there for you from beginning to end.  From the time divorce is considered, it's important to have proper legal counsel through every step of the way.  Our office is familiar with the local court system and how to best protect yourself, your assets - and most importantly, your family.

Child Support and Custody

If child support and custody issues have already been decided, it may be important to review any change in your situation and how it may affect these issues.  Likewise, it's important to have counsel on your side if and when your ex-spouse is attempting to get custody and child support changed.  Our office can guide you through these situations and more.