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For many people, owning your own home or piece of property is the American Dream.  For others, finding the right spot for their new or growing business means making sure that the lease they are about to enter in to protects them.  These are just a few of the situations where our firm can help you and your family out.

Residential Real Estate 

Whether it's simply handling the closing on your residence or performing a title search and preparing purchase agreements, our firm can walk you through the entire real estate process.  We can help to identify liens on the property and help to eliminate those to make sure you are buying clear title to the property.  We can also assist sellers of residential property to make sure they have complied with all of their legal requirements in selling the residence.

Commercial Real Estate

Location, location, location is the commercial real estate mantra.  We can make sure that once you find that location, you are adequately protected in any lease the landlord may throw at you.  Our experience in reviewing and negotiating commercial leases can be the difference in a lease that's good for your business and one that holds your business back.

Real Estate Litigation

Unfortunately, not all real estate dealings go smoothly.  Many times the parties have to resort to litigation to resolve their disputes.  Whether you feel you have a claim against an individual or business or if you are fearful that you may be sued by a disgruntled party in a litigation dispute, our experience can help to guide you smoothly through those troubled waters.  We understand that this is probably your first (and hopefully only!) time being involved in a lawsuit, and that's a stressful situation.  However, because of our litigation experience, you can feel at ease knowing you have an expert to guide you through the process.

Neighbor/Easement Disputes

One of the most common disputes is a dispute among neighbors over their property line.  Many times, neighbors will argue over whether one party has the right to go over their land and what the extent of those rights are.  That is called an easement dispute.  These disputes can be contentious and emotional, particularly given that the parties live right beside each other, see each other every day and are constantly reminded of the ongoing dispute. Our firm can take over your case and provide you the peace of mind that an expert is handling your case and representing your best interests.  It also helps in dealing with your neighbor, because much of the emotion from your point of view is taken out of it by an attorney's presence.